Meet Kani, a captivating medium-sized crossbody bag that exudes elegance and artistry. Handcrafted with care and skill, Kani is made from the natural color of the wood of sheep, showcasing the authentic beauty of their wool. The harmonious handbag mix of gray and black threads creates a stunning patron, a unique representation of the artistry and cultural heritage of its makers. Each stitch reflects the interconnectedness between the weaver’s creativity and the beauty of their surroundings.


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Kani is a masterpiece of indigenous craftsmanship,is meticulously handcrafted using the finest sheep wool. Every step of its creation involves intricate labor and a deep connection to nature.The rich colors adorning these purse are derived from the natural hues of the sheep themselves, ranging from earthy browns to deep,velvety blacks.

The texture of the mochila showcases the quality of the sheep woolused, highlighting its inherent strength and resilience. The unmistakable scent of the wool adds to its allure, transporting you tothe pastoral landscapes where these noble creatures roam freely.

Each Arhuaca handmade bag is an embodiment of the Arhuaco community's rich cultural heritage and artisanal expertise. Pains takingly handwoven by skilled artisans, these boho bag are a labor of love.

Countless hours are invested in weaving intricate patterns and designs, passed down through generations, which reflect the Arhuaco's profound connection with their ancestral traditions and the natural world.

These extraordinary crossbody handbag purse not only serve as practical accessories but also as vivid symbols of identity and cultural significance. The irremarkable durability ensures they accompany their owners oncountless journeys, becoming cherished companions that stand the test of time. The fusion of artistry, tradition, and the unmistakable scent of sheep wool in each Arhuaca mochila makes it a treasured piece of craftsmanship that captures the essence of the Arhuaco people and their way of life.

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Weight 0,356 kg



Strap length 18 inch (46cm)
Width 9 inch (22,8cm)
Bag length 28 inch (71cm)


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