The “Vibration” Arhuaca Mochila is a testament to the artisans’ dedication and the rich cultural heritage they uphold. Meticulously handcrafted using wool from community sheep, its intricate design, reminiscent of majestic mountains, captures the essence of nature. With earthy tones of browns, beiges, and natural white, this unique piece carries not just craftsmanship, but the community’s positive intentions and blessings. In a world dominated by mass production, this crossbody bag stands as an authentic representation of tradition, resonating with the pulse of indigenous artistry and the timeless beauty of its mountain-inspired motif. Unique Women’s bags crossbody and Mens bags cross body.


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Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of the indigenous communities with the "Vibration" Arhuaca mochila. This unique piece is a testament to the traditions upheld by the skillful hands of the community's artisans. Crafted entirely by hand, this crossbody bag stands as a singular work of art, showcasing the dedication and expertise of those who have carefully woven every thread.

The design of the "Vibration" mochila, reminiscent of majestic mountains, brings the landscape's grandeur to life. Eachelement of this exquisite piece tells a story of the seamless blending of nature's gifts and human ingenuity. Sourced from the very sheep nurtured within the community, the wool used in this women's bags crossbody and Mens bags cross body echoes with the heritage and continuity of generations. The deep connection to nature is palpable, as the wool is meticulously transformed into a canvas of breathtaking artistry.

Named "Vibration," this mochila exudes a sense of life and vitality. The colors, ranging from rich browns to soft beiges andthe purity of natural white, come together in perfect harmony. These colors, extracted from the earth and the community's own sheep, pay homage to the timeless bond between humanity and nature.

With every stitch, the artisans poured not just their skill, but also their intentions and good thoughts. This purse becomes a repository of positivity, a piece that carries the hopes, dreams, and prayers of the community. Each seam is a testamentto their collective wisdom and the blessings they wish to share with the world.

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Strap length 19 inch (48 cm)
Width 12 inch (30cm)
Bag length 33 inch (81cm)


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