The Cobalt basket is a stunning collaboration between two vibrant communities, reflecting their shared passion for craftsmanship and cultural heritage. The intricate process begins with the first community, skillfully crafting paja Mawisa, a unique material that they passionately paint with their own hands. Once prepared, the paja Mawisa is passed on to the talented Wayuu community.

Cobalt Basket

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Cobalt Basket

With expert precision, the Wayuu community weaves the Cobalt basket into a mesmerizing tapestry adorned with a rich assortment of different patterns. Each pattern serves as a profound representation of the Wayuu culture, carrying the essence of their traditions and stories.

The Cobalt basket is adorned with two beautiful colors: a captivating blue and a vibrant yellow. The deep blue hues evoke a sense of mystery and tranquility, while the cheerful yellow infuses the design with energy and warmth.

As a result of this harmonious collaboration, the Cobalt basket becomes more than just a functional item; it becomes a tangible embodiment of the connection between these two communities and their dedication to preserving their cultural roots. With every stitch and stroke, the Cobalt basket becomes a cherished piece of art, embracing the beauty of diversity and the power of shared creativity.


Additional information

Weight 0,480 kg

Diameter 11 inches at top
Diameter 9 inches at bottom
12 inches high


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