The Golden basket is a magnificent creation borne from the collaborative efforts of two thriving communities. This extraordinary masterpiece begins with the first community skillfully crafting paja Mawisa, a unique material that they passionately paint with their own hands, adding a personal touch to each piece. Once the paja Mawisa is ready, it is passed on to the talented Wayuu community.

Golden Basket.

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Golden Basket

The skilled artisans of the Wayuu community weave their magic, transforming the paja Mawisa into a mesmerizing tapestry with a rich array of different patterns. Each pattern carries a profound significance, representing the vibrant culture and traditions of the Wayuu people.

The Golden basket is in a radiant, luminous yellow, evoking the allure of precious gold. This radiant hue enhances the patterns, giving them an opulent and regal appearance.

Through the intricate collaboration between these two communities, the Golden basket becomes more than just a functional item; it becomes a tangible expression of unity, shared heritage, and artistic expression. Within its woven threads and hand-painted strokes lies a story of cooperation, cultural pride, and the enduring spirit of creativity. The Golden basket stands as a testament to the beauty of human connection and the preservation of age-old traditions.

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Weight 0,480 kg

Diameter 12 inches at top
Diameter 10,5 inches at bottom
12 inches high


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