Kogui Kiri Mochila Bag is an artisanal bag crafted from the natural fibers of the agave plant, specifically the fique plant. This boho bag is known fortheir rustic charm, durability, and sustainability.  To obtain fique fibers, mature leaves of the agave plant are harvested and the inner fibers are extracted through aprocess called retting. These fibers are then washed, dried, and spun into threads to make the crossbody handbag purse.


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This boho style bag is the result of using the natural fiber from the agave plant for its production. Agave is a fibrous plant is mainly found in tropical and subtropical regions of Latin America.

To obtain fique fibers, mature leaves of the agave plant are harvested, and the inner fibers are extracted in an artisanal way using the tool 'Shuno.' These fibers are then washed, dried, and spun into threads by hand by the women of the communities who use their hands and knee with expertise.

This crossbody handbag purse are valued for their rustic appearance and durability. Fique fiber is strong and possesses natural properties that make it resistant to wear and moisture. Furthermore, its production is sustainable as the agave plant is fast-growing and cultivation does not require the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

These ecofriendly bag often feature traditional and artisanal designs, with colors and patterns that reflect the culture and traditions of the communities where they are produced. In addition to being practical for carrying personal belongings, fique handbag are also seen as a way to promote the preservation of traditional craftsmanship techniques and the sustainable development of the producing communities.

Our exquisite mens bags cross body  is not an industrial, mass-produced item but rather a meticulously crafted work of art made by skilled artisans from a tightly-knit indigenous community. Each artisan belongs to a Kogi community that adheres to it sown rules and centuries-old traditions.

These mens bags sholder display a series of imperfections that, far from diminishing their value, enhance their authenticity anduniqueness. Each small irregularity tells a story, revealing the immense labor and love devoted to every detail of itscreation.

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Strap length 19 inch (48,2cm)
Width 13 inch (33cm)
Bag length 32 inch (81,2cm)


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