The Rosa Basket is a truly captivating masterpiece crafted through the combined efforts of two communities. Thisexceptional bsket stands out with its delightful blend of pink and yellow colors, making it an enchanting sight to behold.

Rosa Basket

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Rosa Basket

The intricate creation process commences with one community expertly preparing the materials, ensuring the utmost careis taken in the craftsmanship. As the Rosa Basket takes shape, the talented hands of the second community meticulouslyweave and stitch, bringing life to the unique design.

The soft pink hue infuses the Rosa Basket with a sense of elegance and charm, while the vibrant yellow accents add aburst of energy and joy. Together, these colors harmonize beautifully, creating a visual symphony that is both alluring andexpressive.

As a symbol of unity and shared cultural heritage, the Rosa Basket embodies the spirit of collaboration between thesetwo communities. Within its woven threads lies a story of traditions, dreams, and a testament to the strength of humanconnection through the art of craftsmanship. The Rosa Basket is not just a functional item; it is a celebration of creativity,cultural diversity, and the beauty of working together as one.

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Weight 0,480 kg

Diameter 12 inches at top
Diameter 11 inches at bottom
12 inches high


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