This wayuu bags Hanna is a true work of art. The meticulous craftsmanship, cultural richness, and use of a single thread come together to create an exceptional product that combines aesthetic beauty and practical functionality. By choosing one of our bucket purse, you are not only acquiring a high-quality fashion accessory but also a piece that honors the tradition and skill of the Wayuu community. crossbody handbag 

Wayuu Bag Hanna Mochila.

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Wayuu Bag Hanna Mochila

Our wayuu bags are the result of a delicate creation process that combines high-quality materials, a rich cultural heritage, and a unique weaving technique.

We use high-quality threads to craft our wayuu purse. Each thread is carefully selected for its strength and durability, ensuring that our boho bags are sturdy and capable of withstanding daily use. The vibrant and diverse colors of the threads add a touch of life and joy to each design.

Our company takes pride in promoting and preserving the rich culture of the Wayuu community, who are the master artisans behind these mochilas. The weaving technique used is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Wayuu women are the driving force behind this ancestral skill and employ their expertise and knowledge to weave each tote bags purse with love and dedication.

A notable aspect of our mochilas is the weaving technique known as "single crochet" or "single stitch." This technique involves creating a series of crochet stitches one by one using a single thread. This process is meticulous and requires exceptional manual dexterity. Wayuu artisans devote time and patience to each purse, working with mastery to ensure that every stitch is perfectly woven.

The use of a single thread in the weaving process gives our handmade purse a special quality. Each thread is intricately intertwined, creating unique patterns and designs. This technique allows for greater flexibility in creating complex and detailed designs. Additionally, by using a single thread, the need for additional seams is eliminated, contributing to the fine craftsmanship and longevity of each mochila.

Additional information

Weight 0,352 kg


Color Hanna

Black, Gris


Strap length 18 inch (45,7cm)
Width 11 inch (27,9cm)
Bag length 26 inch (66cm)


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